Holiday Single

Since today marks the beginning of the “official” holiday shopping season, the time has come to unleash Coconut & The Duke’s holiday classic: Jewish 4 Xmas.

The song brings a new perspective to this ultra-stressful time of year. Take a break from your Black Friday shopping spree and spend four joyous minutes with Coconut Joe and The Duke of Straw.

Coconut & The Duke ∞ Jewish 4 Xmas


Christmas is coming (as is this song)

Jew 4 Xmas

Intro: Driedel Song

I Never was religious but I’m a Jew at Xmas I never was quite like that
But the holiday season has given me reason To wear that Chanukah hat

C C/B Am G F G C G
Egg nog makes me sick and I’ll just bicker with my in-laws
Every single store has one more fate and jolly Santa Claus
Oh those bright blinking lights ties my retinas in knots
The smell of pine cracks my mind what was that I forgot


I have a fear of Santa’s reindeer running me over in the street
Hoofs knock me down snow on the ground Xmas dinner I won’t eat
Under mistletoe wouldn’t you know no one gives me a kiss
Carolers outside I start to cry I can’t wait ‘til the 26th


On the TV is that old Frosty I wish he’d just melt away
Holiday time I drink my wine at a party I don’t wanna stay
No pork just fish now I’m Jewish I celebrate in my cap
I light 8 candles now this I can handle spin the dreidel and clap