Track List and Album Art Work

Out 5.26.09

original artwork by Lori Chilefone

Track List:
1. Venison Jerky
2. Intro
3. In The Bamboo Forests Of Pennsylvania
4. A Memory and A Nap
5. Tré Melo
6. Honeydipper
7. Motel Maids
8. Skinny Dipping With Your Hot Sister
9. 3rd Night
10. Mixo Rita
11. Vitamin Y
12. Pitchfork’d (palette cleanser)
13. Soggy Shoes In Hammock
14. Water Down The Pipes
15. Tré Melo (Reprise)

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Pay a visit to our website for six audio streams from our album - In The Bamboo Forests Of Pennsylvania - due out in a month.